College Aid Consulting
 "You know you have to pay, the question is how?!"

Personalized attention that starts before the college financial aid process begins.


A college education is important, valuable, and getting more expensive.  You want to pay for college, but you are stressed out wondering, “How will it happen?”

While College Aid Consulting has assisted hundreds of families for over a decade. Financial aid is just one element of your college funding plan, it is central to defining how you will afford college in today's economy. College Aid Consulting offers free educational workshops.


 We help you:

1.Know what type of aid you might qualify for. 

2.What schools are more likely to give you aid.       

3.How much aid you might expect. 

4.Whether you can improve your financial aid eligibility. 

5.Navigate through the process



College Aid Consulting provides a full spectrum of Services pertaining to college financial aid including free seminars. 



College Aid Consulting
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